Manifesto to Solve Obesity


  • Current proposed solutions are piecemeal; nothing has proven effective in reducing the level of obesity and diabetes.
  • Foods are now discriminated against. Those declared "bad" are under attack for contributing to the health crisis.
  • Industry is accused of harming its customers.
  • Industry has the right - and necessity - to make a profit, and is under attack for doing so.
  • Most tactics employed insist on the consumer changing his/her behavior. This has proven ineffective, as witnessed by the inability to stay on diet plans.
  • The consumer is not making the necessary changes to improve their eating habits.
  • Government is increasingly involved in conjuring up solutions to the obesity problem with counterproductive results. Their approach is piecemeal - not holistic - and focuses on the symptoms and not the problem itself
  • Activists are pushing anti-capitalist and an Orwellian food agenda to eradicate "bad" foods


  • In regard to the Food Industry:
    1. Industry is the only constituent capable of effectively solving the obesity crisis
    2. Industry shall take Stewardship for its customers’ health & well-being
    3. Industry is entitled to profits, but shall Make Money Responsibly
    4. Amnesty shall be granted to all foods & beverages declared “bad” by Activists and Government agencies
    5. There are no “bad” foods & beverages, only inappropriate marketing executions, formats and presentations
    6. Industry shall address all inappropriate executions, formats and presentations of “bad” foods in caring for their customer’s well-being
    7. Only by taking action on the most popular foods & beverages will any progress be made
    8. Improving the nutritional composition while compromising taste will not solve the problem
  • In regard to Government:
    1. Government involvement shall be limited to the setting of Overall Guidelines, not the execution of how food nutritional issues are to be addressed
    2. Industry is to determine the best way to address the Government Guidelines
    3. Banning, taxing and other means of penalizing the consumption of foods & beverages is prohibited
    4. The State shall communicate in a clear and understandable fashion to properly inform consumers about healthier eating
    5. As a result of #4, the Food Pyramid shall be terminated immediately and replaced by a simpler tool informing How, When and Where foods should be consumed
    6. The use of the term “Serving Size” shall be relegated to countries still using the metric system
  • In regard to Food Activists:
    1. Activists shall not engage in activities and wonton litigation to eradicate self-condemned foods enjoyed by the public
    2. Activists shall forward constructive and workable solutions
    3. Activists shall accept that the United States is a Capitalist society
  • In regard to Scientists & Researchers:
    1. Timely, practical and non-conflicting information shall be provided for Industry’s use so that actionable solutions can be achieved
  • In regard to Consumers:
    1. Consumers shall have the freedom to pursue enjoyable eating without Government or Activist interference
    2. Consumers shall have the right to expect foods to not have a deleterious effect on their health
    3. Consumers shall have the duty to Eat Responsibly

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